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Here at Hydration Hookups YOUR success is OUR success!!

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“Since starting Semaglutide, I’ve experienced remarkable changes. It’s helped me manage my weight and stabilize my blood sugar levels effectively. My appetite is reduced, leading to healthier eating habits and consistent weight loss. I’ve also seen a boost in energy and a decrease in cravings for sugary foods. Semaglutide has truly improved my overall health and lifestyle.”
Melissa Clark

Our Program

Thank you so much for your inquiry for our weight loss program!

I wanted to tell you a little bit about our program and how you can proceed in getting started.

We work with an amazing pharmacy providing semaglutide! Both our nurse practitioner and myself have currently lost over 30 pounds! I am a nurse and have struggled with my weight my whole life. I genuinely believe in the power of medicine, and this medicine has helped me, and it could help you too! I am still taking it and want to keep losing, so I am on this journey right along with our clients! Having personal first hand knowledge, we can help you achieve your goals safely and effectively!

Semaglutide/B12 is a glucagon-like peptide-1 (aka GLP-1) receptor agonist that is prescribed by a physician or APRN. GLP-1 is a physiological regulator of appetite and caloric intake. By taking Semaglutide it is likely to dramatically decrease your appetite. It is taken once a week and you would inject it into the skin.


Here at Hydration Hookups YOUR success is OUR success!!


Semaglutide Program


Semaglutide Program

This service which includes all shipping, medication cost, and management is $325 a month currently. After you begin your medication, we would follow you as we increase your dose overtime to achieve your goals.


B12 Shot Special

For a limited time, we’re offering our energizing B12 shots at a special price of just $25. Ideal for boosting your energy levels and improving overall well-being, our B12 shots are a quick and effective way to replenish essential nutrients.

In addition to weight loss, we do all kinds of things!

We offer 4 different types of infusions. A hydration hoodini with electrolytes and vitamins. A fitness one with aminos, electrolytes, and vitamins. A brain one and a beauty glow one that has biotin and all the works!

We offer glutathione injections which are powerful antioxidants and help reverse aging and inflammation.


Bio: Elise Stahl

I am a nurse who has struggled my whole life with weight loss. I have tried it all. Trust me. I have PCOS and really like bread! After having my daughter I found that it became out of control where my weight ended up. Add in a pandemic and I was genuinely discouraged. Having to work on the front lines I found I was stress eating on top of it all. This took a huge toll on my confidence and really my health. So when I had one of my best friends, and our staff nurse practioner, told me she was going to give Semaglutide a shot (pun intended). I figured I had nothing to lose except maybe some money, and I had spent tons of that on other things. WOW was I in for a surprise! The first month I really only felt it a little, then the weight started just coming off! I was NOT hungry, often finding that I was forgetting to eat, my snacking was almost nothing, and I was not able to eat the volumes that I used to be able to consume. I am currently almost 40 pounds down on my 60 pound journey. So I am right alongside you in this journey. I will be here to encourage and keep you on your path. I genuinely LOVE helping people on their journey to success and want you to trust me in this journey!!

Elise Stahl RN and Owner
9220 Bonita Beach Rd, B228
Bonita Springs, FL 34153
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